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New Minister: Gero Miceli

Count Gero Miceli has been appointed as Minister of Poetry and Chivalry.

“The minister wants to increase the love for poetry into all Ladonians and their artistic souls. The Minister could cooperate in order to have a Poetry Prize for the Ladonians authors.
Also The minister exalt the valour of the Chivalry Crusade for use the sword of mind and culture in order to have peace and positive dialogue among religions. The motto of the minister is: “Poetry can save the world” and “Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam”.”

Minister Gero Miceli is an author and a poet. His latest book “Kori” is a collection of poems written in Sicilian language.

Minister and Count Gero Miceli

“Kori” by Gero Miceli

Lars Vilks

Lars Vilks is the artist behind Nimis and Arx, the Founder and State Secretary of Ladonia. He is also the Editor in Chief of the Ladonia Herald.

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