“We must accept that the global economic landscape in the new millennium is much different than in preceding decades.”

– Thaksin Shinawatra, Prime Minister of Thailand

These words also means trouble. I got this letter from the Ladonian Embassy today:

“Dear Secretary Of State

Got some bad news Lars, our Embassy caught fire two weeks ago, I was out at
the time.

The rebuild will start soon but many strange things happening.
My dispute with Shinawatra has had some drama. Two gun shots fired near my
car about 3.00 a.m. the other night certainly demonstrated he was having a
tantrum….. I warned him, if you attack someone’s love you have attacked
God himself.
As they would say in Shamley Green…. he will just have to Gin and Bare
it….. pooh to slave drivers

I will arrange the transfer soon. What are the Bank details again?

My passport has been “stolen” so I may have to get another one.

The view from the Embassy, by chance, overlooks The Embassy Of The Holy See
(Benedict’s place in Bangkok).

Tonight I will be visiting Camelot seems to be full of angels none of them
look like Knights.


His Excellency
The Ladonian Ambassador
Count Erik Young
privately King Erik Of Ladonia”

Ladonia will make an official note to Thai Government.


Diplomatic troubles in Bangkok for Ladonia
Diplomatic troubles in Bangkok for Ladonia