Embassy opens in Costa Rica

Giuseppe Tarnero is our new ambassador in San José in Costa Rica. The ambassador makes this statement: BACKGROUND: Ladonia’s foundation, as an independent nation, is based on boundless freedom, indestructible art, magical creativity and exuberant nature. Costa Rica, meaning Rich Coast in Spanish, is a very peaceful nation, so peaceful that it abolished its army […]

Radio Ladonia

Ladonia President has started Radio Ladonia: “A Radio for our nation! Link to listen to the radio. Ladonia President kept his word. Ladonia finally has its own online radio. Citizens are invited to participate in the enrichment of this new media. Ladonia is modernizing every day. Musicians, singers and entertainers are invited to participate in […]

Ladonia 3-D

Here is Oscar Raby. He was yesterday scanning Nimis to make a 3-D version. Raby is a performance and video artist from Chile but he is mainly working in Australia. On top of The Tower of the Winds is Annika Gustafsson who is the leader of the 3-D  Project.

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