New Ladonian Consulate in Kentucky, USA

Ladonia has now opened a new consular office located in Lexington, Kentucky. The Consulate is staffed by the following personnel: Robert A. Ferguson,  Baron Catherine L. Ferguson, Baroness Josef F. Ferguson:  Son of the Baron and Baroness.  His function on the Consulate staff will be party-planning and refreshments. Gomer P. Ferguson: Adopted son of the Baron and Baroness. […]

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Development of Ladonia Population 1996-2016

WOTAN CITY, Lad. — The Office of the State Secretary has released the final citizenship numbers for 2016, and the corresponding numbers for every year of open citizenship enrollment since independence was declared in June of 1996, more than 20 years ago. These numbers reflect applications approved and do not reflect any births or deaths.

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