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Ambassador Rich Hoyle

Embassy in UK

Richard Hoyle has been appointed as the Ladonian ambassador to the United Kingdom. He writes: “The Embassy is located within the finest county of England, namely Yorkshire. West Yorkshire to be more precise. City of Leeds to be most precise.”

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Ladonia Ambassador in Chile

Patricio Vicente De La Plaza has been appointed ambassador in northern Chile. The ambassador tells us: “At present I have my own private business as¬†mining, marine, construction, agricultural and goverment supplier since 1966, established at the city of ARICA close to the border of Peru and Bolivia.” Ambassador Vicente De La Plaza The ambassador’s card […]

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MRY Fishingkorr

Ambassador in Alaska

WOTAN CITY, Ladonia — A new ambassador to the United States has been named. Michael Yarborough has been appointed Ladonian Ambassador to the United States and is based in Alaska. Ambassador Yarborough is a senior archeologist who has lived in Alaska since 1974. He has also been a drummer in a Scottish bagpipe band and […]

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jan15 vt

January storm destroys Wotan’s Tower

WOTAN CITY, Ladonia — The State Secretary regrets to report the total loss of Wotan’s Tower after the recent storm. “Another storm struck Ladonia last Friday. Today I saw that the new year begun with the loss of Wotan’s Tower,” said Lars Vilks, creator of Nimis and Wotan’s Tower and State Secretary of Ladonia.   […]

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